Digital Dogsitter Online help

On online page, click the question-mark in the upper left corner to view an introduction to the elements in the view.


Events are not received from the remote device

Try to reload/refresh the page.

Microphone does not pick up any sound

This happens at least with Mac OS X sometimes. It is an unfortunate problem with HTML5 audio API that is still under development.

  • Make sure that the microphone works and is getting the signal (System Preferences -> Audio -> Input -> Input level).

If the microphone works in Mac OS X, but not in this application, you can either

  • Reboot your computer and restart your browser
  • or open Activity Monitor, find a process named coreaudiod. Force quit coreaudiod process. Then restart your browser.

Version history - Digital Dogsitter


  • New visualization for the status pie chart shows correctly percentage of loud, noise, and calm times based on the amount of 30 second time segments that either contain sound or not.
  • New visualization for the timeline graph solves performance issues on some devices.
  • The timeline graph is hidden automatically while recording to avoid performance issues.


  • Don't play your voice more than three times if barking continues uninterrupted for a long time.


  • Bug fixes in audio recording and playback in Firefox browser.


  • Your voice audio samples are backed up at the server and synchronized between remote clients.
  • If browser's storage quota fills up, old log event audio files are discarded to free space. This will avoid the QuotaExceededError that some users have encountered.


End of beta.


  • New visual look for the whole online app.
  • Images are stored to the server and can be viewed by remote clients.
  • Fixed issues with timezones. Now events are shown on correct date regardless of the user's timezone.


  • Online app integrated to the website. Now the app can be on while browsing the rest of the site.


Timeline visualization.


User login and basic remote features.


First working version of the online application.


Version 1.X.X is the Windows desktop application. You can find the latest Windows application version from the download page.

build ce2cc80